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Iíve been working in film and television for over twenty years.

I work mainly as an film editor, cutting documentaries for a wide range of production companies and broadcasters from the BBC and Channel 4 to the National Geographic Channel and Discovery in the US.

As an editor Iíve expanded my skill base to include producing animated maps and graphics for a number of productions. I've built up an archive of CG clips that are available for use in television production.

Iíve also authored a whole range of DVDs for commercial mass production and sale.

The company which I jointly own with my wife costume designer Linda Haysman.



Mobile: 07778 784 586

e-mail: jon@capstonefilms.co.uk








BAKA: A Cry from the Rainforest



25 years ago Phil Agland spent 2 years living with and filming the Baka Pygmies in Cameroon. The result was the ground breaking documentary BAKA - People of the Rainforest. The BBC commissioned him to return and continue their story.


90 minutes for the BBC.

Director/Producer, Phil Agland.



Computer Graphic of Mars

This is my 'artistic impression' of what Mars might have looked like when it had water on it (Billions of years ago). This is royalty free footage and you can buy it by the second for you in television programmes.





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